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Seth Macbeth

My name is Seth Macbeth and I’m a tattoo artist at Beloved Studios! I’ve been tattooing since 2014, but my passion and inspiration for art have been with me since I was a child. My passion for art pushed me to perfect my craft, while inspiration from many art forms led me to pursue a career as a tattoo artist.

I began my tattooing career as an apprentice under Brandon Heffron and learned diverse styles and various techniques to heighten my artistic ability. With Brandon’s guidance I was able to distinguish my work from others as a tattoo artist and find my own style. Most importantly, I learned that creating relationships with my clients is more important than creating the art itself.

My goal as a tattoo artist is to produce vibrant and unique artwork that challenges me as an artist while also preserving the integrity of the client’s original idea.

Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio, and I hope to see you soon!

Beloved Studios Artist Seth MacBeth

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